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Name Human Rights and Peacekeeping
Type Distance education
Organising institution
Peace Operations Training Institute, United States of America
Frequency Various
Objectives This course examines the cross-cutting principles and obligations concerning human rights within the specific context of armed conflicts and United Nations peace operations. Human rights is a dimension that transcends all phases and employs all components of a peace operation, leading to often complex implementation planning and coordination, which this course traces and delineates. The course begins by reviewing the landmark documents and instruments indispensible to the protection of human rights in theory, before demonstrating how such protection is enforced and performed on the ground. It discusses the various types of human rights violations, identifies the groups of people especially at risk, and conducts a thorough analysis on the concept of protection – the core of human rights work in peace operations. The course contains important sections on human rights partners – a group that includes such external actors as NGOs and international businesses – and on the process of accountability, which, as the course demonstrates, is essential in peace operations if an established peace is to be long-lasting and sustainable.
Area of expertise human rights
Content •Human Rights and Peacekeeping Introduction
•Lesson 1: Human Rights and Armed Conflicts
•Lesson 2: United Nations Human Rights Commitments and Implementation Machinery
•Lesson 3: International Human Rights Law and Peace Operations
•Lesson 4: Measuring the Human Rights Implementation of Host States
•Lesson 5: Human Rights Problems and Groups at Risk in Conflict and Post-Conflict
•Lesson 6: Actions of Protection
•Lesson 7: Human Rights in Integrated Missions: Planning and Implementation
•Lesson 8: Human Rights and Functions of Peace Operations
•Lesson 9: Human Rights Partners
•Lesson 10: Peace Operations and Accountability
Language English
Methodology used Ten online lessons.
Materials links
Delivered by Patrick Marega Castellan.
Application procedure Enroll on line : http://www.peaceopstraining.org/users/direct_course_enrollment/125/Download/
Tuition/Accommodation Online Training: $60.00 USD
Textbook + Online Training: $75.00 USD (Shipping costs not included.)
Homepage www.peaceopstraining.org/courses/human-rights-and-peacekeeping/

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