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Name Preventing Violence Against Women and Gender Inequality in Peacekeeping
Type Distance education
Organising institution
Peace Operations Training Institute, United States of America
Distance learning
Peace Operations Training Institute, United States of America
Frequency Various
Objectives Gender inequality and violence against women affect the lives of every person, regardless of age or gender. This course aims to assist peacekeeping personnel to promote the human rights and security of women and girls. It does so through lessons emphasizing the nature and scope of violence against women and girls around the globe, the connections between gender inequality and violence in both public and domestic spaces, as well as on interpersonal, community, national, regional, and international levels. Other lessons cover women's rights as human rights and the international UN mandate to involve women in key roles within peacemaking and peacebuilding processes at every stage and every level of authority. Readings and case studies provide examples to assist peacekeeping personnel with considering how they, as individuals and as teams, can work to promote gender equality and to change the attitudes and behaviours that perpetuate violence.
Area of expertise violence against women
Content •Introduction to the Course
•Lesson 1: Introduction to Security Council Resolution 1325 and the Paradox of the "Women = Peace" Equation
•Lesson 2: Gender: Definitions and Theories
•Lesson 3: Inequality: Distinction Versus Discrimination - What's the Difference?
•Lesson 4: Violence: Definitions and Theories
•Lesson 5: Culture Versus Rights?
•Lesson 6: Women's Rights are Human Rights
•Lesson 7: Sexual Violence and Exploitation
•Lesson 8: Institutional Violence
•Lesson 9: Violence Against Women in Conflict and Crisis
•Lesson 10: Women Building Peace
•Side by Side: Women, Peace and Security
Language English
Methodology used Ten online lessons.
Materials links
Delivered by AnnJanette Rosga, Ph.D., in association with Megan Bastick and Anja Ebnöther of the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF).
Application procedure Enroll on line : http://www.peaceopstraining.org/users/direct_course_enrollment/74/Download/
Tuition/Accommodation Online Training: $60.00 USD
Textbook + Online Training: $75.00 USD (Shipping costs not included.)
Homepage www.peaceopstraining.org/courses/preventing-violence-against-women/

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