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Name Promoting Migrant and Refugee Integration
Type Distance education
Organising institution
Human Rights Education Associates, United States of America
Frequency Annual
Start date 03/05/2017
End date 13/06/2017
Objectives This e-learning course focuses on issues related to labour market access, family reunification, access to education and education support programs for migrant children, access to residence permits and nationality, civil and political rights and anti-discrimination policies, and addresses complex matters such as the integration of irregular migrants and especially vulnerable groups.
Area of expertise migration
Content Week 1. Guiding principles for integration and policies
Week 2. The links between immigration and anti-discrimination
Week 3. A secure status as the starting point: family reunification and long-term residence
Week 4. Access to nationality and political participation
Week 5. Support for immigrant adults: employment, education and language courses
Week 6. Support for immigrant children: the 1.5 and 2.0 generations
Language English
Methodology used This certificate course involves approximately 30 hours of reading, on-line working groups, interaction among students and instructor, webinars, quizzes and a writing assignment, and is offered over a 6-week period. The course will integrate active and participatory learning approaches within activities and assignments, with an emphasis on reflective and collaborative learning.
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Delivered by Thomas Huddleston and Zvezda Vankova
Degree/Certificate Students who successfully complete the course will receive a Certificate of Participation.
Number of participants The maximum number of course participants is 25.
Application procedure Apply online : http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=feivmxlab&oeidk=a07e6zp400abe0a6bf5
Admission requirements The course is aimed at practitioners and professionals who want to gain knowledge on intregration of immigrants and refugees, government authorities (local and national level) dealing with integration-related issues; staff of inter-governmental organisations such as the IOM and UNHCR; NGO staff members and service providers; and students of law, international relations, politics and social sciences. Participants should have a good written command of English and have high competence and comfort with computer and Internet use. HREA aims to ensure equal gender and geographical distribution across the selected participants.
Scholarship Unfortunately, there are no scholarships or discounted tuition fees available for this course.
Tuition/Accommodation Tuition fee for participants: US$ 575; tuition for auditors: US$ 215.
Homepage www.hrea.org/learn/elearning/promoting-integration/

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