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Name Protection of Human Rights and Envrionment
Type Short courses
Organising institution
Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, Switzerland
Frequency Annual
Level professional
Start date 27/02/2017
End date 03/03/2017
Objectives This training is intended for environmentalists and human rights advocates, staff of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and national environmental and human rights institutions, representatives of governments, and staff of United Nations (UN) bodies and other international organizations, as well as members of academia. It will provide participants with a broad understanding of the synergies and tensions between the legal protection of human rights and the environment, and an in-depth knowledge on how to promote environmental protection through existing human rights mechanisms.
Area of expertise environment
Target group Civil servants
Government officials
NGO activists
Content The training programme covers the following topics and sessions:
• An introduction to the main international human rights and environmental law instruments, and an in-depth discussion on the nature of State obligations under the two legal regimes as well as the entitlements and responsibilities of individuals, groups and other private actors.
• Rights to information and participation in environment-related decision-making and right to remedy in case of environmental nuisance;
• Responsibilities of the business sector;
• Sustainable Development Goals;
• The rights of indigenous peoples and traditional local communities, the concept of environmental refugees, gender-related rights, the protection of human rights and environmental activists;
• The human rights dimension of environmental protection in land and water management, biodiversity, climate change and UNESCO nominated natural sites;
• Using international human rights mechanisms to litigate for the environment;
Language English
Country Switzerland
City Geneva
Methodology used The training is hosted and organized by the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights. Lecturers include members of the Geneva Academy, renowned academic scholars, as well as senior professionals from international organizations and NGOs. The training course will have a special session with John Knox, the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights and the environment.
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Degree/Certificate Participants who successfully complete the training will receive a certificate of participation from the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights.
Application procedure By email:
Please download the application form (http://www.geneva-academy.ch/docs/training/Training%20on%20protection%20of%20HR%20and%20environment%20-%20Application%20Form,%207-11%20March%202016%20AB-2.doc) or request a copy at hrsandenvironment@geneva-academy.ch
The completed application form should be submitted via email, and must be accompanied by a CV for the registration to be complete (The CV must not exceed 2 pages).
Please send your application to hrsandenvironment@geneva-academy.ch
Tuition/Accommodation The training fee for this 5-day intensive program is 1530-Swiss francs (CHF) and it includes: tuition costs, course materials, 5 lunches and refreshments during coffee breaks. Please note that a 30% discount is granted for PhD and master students.
Homepage www.geneva-academy.ch/short-programmes/training-on-protection-of-human-rights-a-environment

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