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Name WHRI Intensive 2016
Type Short courses
Organising institution
Women’s Human Rights Education Institute, Canada
Frequency Annual
Start date 08/08/2016
End date 19/08/2016
Objectives The WHRI brings together a balance of academic/theoretical inquiry and engaged, activist praxis. Human rights, peace, and emerging alternatives to globalization are examined both as interconnected elements of a socially just and sustainable world and as alternative ways of knowing, acting, being, and interacting. Women’s human rights are both the subject and the guiding framework of the institute. This is reflected in the teaching principles and methodology. The WHRI aims to create a safe, supportive, and celebratory space that allows for collective sharing and knowledge-building alongside skills training . Classes are participatory, incorporate a broad variety of readings, videos, and activities, and in an effort to promote integration and well-being, participants are offered gentle yoga classes twice a week.
Area of expertise women rights
Content •Part 1 – 3 week online learning program in July 2016
•Part 2 – 2 week in-person intensive in Toronto, held from August 8 – 19th, 2016
•Part 3 – 3 week post-institute online learning program and submission of project plans
Language English
Country Canada
City Toronto
Materials links
Application procedure Apply online : http://learnwhr.org/registration/whri-application/
After submitting the online application form, please submit a 200-300 word statement outlining your post-institute project implementation plan at the link below. Your application will not be complete until we receive this statement.
Tuition/Accommodation Tuition - $4500 USD
Homepage learnwhr.org/programs/whri/

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