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Name Public Health and Human Rights – Current Challenges and Possible Solutions
Type Seminars/Workshops
Organising institution
Global Campus of Human Rights, Italy
Implementing institution
Global Campus of Human Rights, Italy
Frequency Annual
Start date 19/05/2016
End date 19/05/2016
Objectives The issue of global health governance, which deals with the question how to regulate efficiently a panoply of actors in global health, such as international organisations, States, NGOs (including philanthropic foundations), private-public partnerships, pharmaceutical companies, individuals and others. Recently, a concept of global health law has been developed for the improvement of health worldwide (L. Gostin), which comprises legal instruments developed by the WHO and other organisations, human rights documents that protect the right to health and standards that deal with social justice and the prohibition of discrimination.
Area of expertise health
Content The seminar on public health and human rights will host some of the world’s most renowned experts on health related human rights. Their presentations will be organized in three panels. Presentations in each panel will be followed by an interactive discussion with other participants. The seminar will address three major conceptual areas: the first panel will focus on the interaction between public health and human rights from national, regional and international perspectives; the second panel will address the topic of global health security and the protection of human rights; and the third panel will discuss the theme of public health systems and prevention of human rights abuses.
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Delivered by Key-Note Lecturer: Anand Grover. He is a designated Senior Advocate, practicing in the Supreme Court of India, the Director of the HIV/AIDS Unit of Lawyer’s Collective (India), and the former United Nations Special Rapporteur on health (2008-2014). In his regular practice, Mr. Grover has argued several landmark cases in the field of public interest and human rights law, including mass eviction cases , environmental cases (the Bhopal Gas Disaster case), and LGBT rights. He is presently a member of Global Commission on Drug Policy and member of the Lancet-University of Oslo Panel on Global Governance of Health.
Application procedure Apply online : https://eiuc.org/education/training-seminars/public-health-and-human-rights/registration.html
Homepage eiuc.org/education/training-seminars/public-health-and-human-rights.html

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