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Name Australian Indigenous Programs
Type Educational programmes
Implementing institution
University of New South Wales. Diplomacy Training Program, Australia
Frequency Various
Objectives DTP’s first program with Australian Indigenous community leaders/advocates was in 1990. In 2004, DTP, in partnership with Oxfam Australia, reengaged more strategically in human rights advocacy capacity building in Australia. This focussed initially on support for DTP’s Asia-Pacific Regional Indigenous Peoples' programs held in the Northern Territory.
Area of expertise indigenous people
Content Content has been developed in response to the concerns and interests of participants identified through a collaborative needs assessment – applying DTP’s participatory methodology blending skills and knowledge. Hundreds of community representatives from a diverse range of locations, ages and involvements are alumni of these intensive human rights and advocacy training programs.The programs have been supported by and have involved many of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, today providing leadership in engagement with international United Nations mechanisms and national human rights advocacy, including in Aboriginal Controlled Health Organisations.
Country Australia
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Tuition/Accommodation Tutition varies for different courses, please check the website
Homepage www.dtp.unsw.edu.au/australian-indigenous-programs

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