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Name Police Oversight and Vulnerable Groups
Type Distance education
Organising institution
University of Pretoria. Centre for Human Rights, South Africa
Frequency Various
Level professional
Objectives The aim of the course is to profile police accountability and oversight as a human rights and governance concern, and assist in building a community of practitioners on the continent who can become active advocates for increased accountability of the police, and who are skilled to identify and act in terms of overseeing the actions of the police.
Area of expertise accountability of high government officials
Target group Academics
Government officials
Content Topics may include the following:
Police oversight: Theories and systems
Democratic policing
The architecture of police oversight
Police oversight in Africa: Challenges and opportunities
Internal and external oversight: Systems and practice
Police Standards: Overview of relevant International and regional standards monitoring police action
Police corruption
Use of force
Public order and policing elections
Custody visits and citizen oversight
National security and access to information
Policing gender and sexual violence
The role of the police in investigating and prosecuting sexual and gender related crimes
Working with the police to improve public health outcomes of key populations
Language English
City Pretoria
Materials links
Application procedure Important Notice:
A high proficiency in English is required to attend this course. All lectures and materials are in English. Prior to applying for this course, please read through the information on the practical information and the payment details pages.

Documents to be submitted:

Curriculum Vitae (short CV in PDF or Word document, maximum 3 pages, maximum 10 MB in file size)
One Letter of Recommendation (PDF or Word document, maximum of 10 MB in file size)
Academic Records (students only) (combined in one PDF or Word document, maximum 10 MB in file size)
Homepage www.chr.up.ac.za/courses/ahrc/ahrc-police-oversight

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