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Name Arab master in democracy and human rights
Type University programmes
Organising institution
Global Campus of Human Rights, Italy
Frequency Annual
Level graduate
Objectives The objective of this program is meeting the needs of students, professionals and experts who want to deepen their knowledge and develop their skills in the field of democratic governance and human rights in the Middle East and North Africa
Area of expertise democracy and human rights
human rights
Content Thematic Stream 1: Human Rights: Civil, Political, Economic, Social
and Cultural
Thematic Stream 2: Democratic Governance and the Rule of Law
Thematic Stream 3: Contemporary dynamics in the Arab World
Thematic Stream 4: Applied Human Rights: Research and Professional Skills
Methodology used The Arab master's programme includes research-oriented courses and practical trainings in the field of human rights and democratisation.

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Degree/Certificate Master in Democracy and Human Rights
Admission requirements Applicants with a bachelor's degree can apply to the two-year comprehensive programme (120 ECTS).
Applicants who hold a master’s degree in social sciences (or the equivalent of 60 post-graduate European credits are eligible to the one-year accelerated programme (70 to 90 ECTS).
Additional studies and practical experience in the area of human rights in inter-governmental, governmental, or non-governmental organisations are also considered by the selection committee.
Proficiency in English
Tuition/Accommodation Tuition fee is 66.67 Euros for each credit. Around 5000 to 6000 Euros
Homepage arma-isp.usj.edu.lb
Additional information The programme offers cross-regional mobility. While based in Beirut (Lebanon), it includes a semester in one of the following partner universities: Birzeit University (Palestine), Carthage University (Tunisia), and the International University of Rabat (Morocco). Students can also spend a semester in Egypt and Jordan.

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