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Name Hague Academy of International Law Summer Programme
Type Summer schools
Organising institution
The Hague Academy of International Law, Netherlands
Frequency Annual
Level postgraduate
Start date 11/07/2016
End date 19/08/2016
Objectives The Summer Programme is aimed at students and practitioners seeking a deeper understanding of international law, whether public or private.
Area of expertise international law
Content Public International Law : First Period: 9-27 July 2012
Private International Law : Second Period: 30 July-17 August 2012

Language English
French (Français)
Country Netherlands
City The Hague
Methodology used Each session comprises a general course and special courses.
The general course is given over a period of three weeks (at least 15 hours) in public international law and two weeks (at least 10 hours) in private international law.

General courses (morning - compulsory - everyday), which are presented by experienced and recognized lecturers, address in depth the trends and main features of international law and offer students a comprehensive view of their subject.

Special courses (morning - compulsory - everyday), which last for 5 hours during one week, are devoted to specific questions or single topics, and are given by lecturers who have made these subjects an important part of their research.

Seminars (afternoon - not compulsory - one per lecturer per week), each lecturer conducts a seminar on the subject of his lecture. These seminars allow the students a greater opportunity to ask questions or to request additional information on the course and to participate in discussions of particular issues raised during the lectures.

Directed studies (afternoon - not compulsory), for highly qualified students who whish to study for the examination leading to the award of the Academy's diploma (or who wish to participate in intensive seminars on questions of private and public international law, even if they do not intend to sit for the diploma), under the direction of a professor.
Degree/Certificate The Hague Academy of International Law awards all participants to the Summer Courses who have regularly attended the lectures a Certificate of Attendance.
Application procedure Students who wish to apply for a scholarship must imperatively upload the following documents when filling out the online scholarship registration form (http://www.hagueacademy.nl/?summer-programme/registration-scholarship):

•a curriculum vitae
•a copy of highest degree in law, translated into one of the two languages of the Academy (French or English)
•a short letter giving reasons for the application (typewritten, 200 words)
•a recommendation from a professor of international law, sent separately
Admission requirements The Summer Courses are open to:

•Candidates who have completed at least 4 years of university studies, which must have included lectures on international law, and who can prove to the Curatorium that they possess sufficient knowledge of the subject.
•Candidates holding a 3-year law degree on the date of the opening of the upcoming Summer Courses.

All candidates must master one of the two working languages (French or English).
Scholarship A merit-based scholarship programme allows approximately 20% of participants to the Summer Courses to receive financial assistance from public and private funding sources. The Secretary-General, in the name of the Curatorium, selects scholarship recipients.
Tuition/Accommodation •850 Euro for each three-week session
•1600 Euro for both sessions
•400 Euro for scholarship students (valid only for one session, this amount will be deducted from the overall scholarship amount of 1150 Euro)
Homepage www.hagueacademy.nl/?summer-programme/admission

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