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Nombre Advanced Studies on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
Tipo Curso de corta duración
Institución organizadora
American University. Washington College of Law. Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Estados Unidos de América
Frecuencia Anual
Nivel ??graduate
Fecha de inicio 31/05/2016
Fecha de finalización 17/07/2016
Objetivos Our program will enable you to:
• Prepare yourself to contribute to the human rights field
• Choose from 18 courses, 10 in English and 8 in Spanish
• Build relationships with colleagues around the world
• Establish connections with faculty around the world
• Attend special events in Washington, DC
• Receive Academic or CLE credits, a Certificate of Attendance or a Diploma
Áreas de especialización asistencia humanitaria
derechos humanos
Público objectivo Abogados
Estudiantes universitarios
Militantes de ONGs
Contenido 2015 brochure : http://www.flipsnack.com/AcademyOnRights/program-of-advanced-studies-on-human-rights-and-humanitarian-law.html
Idioma English
Spanish (Español)
País Estados Unidos de América
Ciudad Washington DC.
Título, diploma o certificado otorgado Participants can earn ABA credit, a Diploma or a Certificate of Attendance.
Procedimiento para la inscripción Online application : www.wcl.american.edu/hracademy/app.cfm
Coste de la enseñanza/Coste de alojamiento Application fee is $70 however, applications received after this date will be assessed at a fee of $100.
Página de Inicio www.wcl.american.edu/hracademy/summer.cfm

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