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Nombre Degree course in Political science, international relations and human rights
Tipo Programas universitarios
Institución organizadora
University of Padua. Interdepartmental Centre on Human Rights and the Rights of Peoples, Italia
Frecuencia Anual
Nivel ??graduate
Objetivos The Degree course in Political science, international relations and human rights aims at providing students with a systematic knowledge of the processes of structural change occurring at the international level (complex interdependence, globalization in its several meanings, trans-nationalization of relations and institutions, permanent organization of cooperation in the governmental and non-governmental fields…), with a specific focus on the process of human rights internationalization. In particular, the course allows studying the human rights law standard setting, the establishment and functioning of human rights specialized bodies and institutions (at the international, regional and national level), the impact of human rights on “traditional” political cultures, the different forms of “humanitarian interventions”, the approaches to the democratization of the international system, the political role of sub-national, national, international and trans-national actors, as well as the multi-level governance system.
Público objectivo Estudiantes universitarios
Contenido Specific teachings include: International Relations; International Law; Contemporary history; International Organisation; European Union Political System; Comparative Constitutional Law and Human Rights; Human Rights Sociology; Human Rights Philosophy; International Protection of Human Rights; Globalisation, Intercultural dialogue and Inclusiveness in the EU; Public Policies and Human Rights.
Idioma Italian (Italiano)
País Italia
Ciudad Padua
Metodología empleada Lessons, seminars and simulations. Moreover, students are expected to actively participate to discussion in class, attend national and international conferences organized by the faculty, present short papers on relevant human rights topics and participate to academic simulations of the United Nations (Model United Nations - MUN)
Impartido por Academics, NGO staff, experts, staff of International Organizations
Título, diploma o certificado otorgado At the end of the course, students are asked to fill in an evaluation form in order to provide the course organizers with useful feedbacks to improve the educational programme
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