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Name European Asylum and Migration Law
Type University programmes
Organising institution
Université Libre de Bruxelles. Réseau Odysseus, Belgium
Frequency Annual
Objectives Understanding of the main orientations, trends and general content of the European migration (including visas and external borders) and Asylum policies in the framework of the distribution of competences between the EU and its Member States, including the methods used (approximation of legislation, mutual recognition, open coordination, etc).
Area of expertise asylum
Content Oral courses based on the presentation, analysis and discussion of legal and policy documents

Presence during the courses is highly recommended

Students should check their understanding of the subject after the lectures on the basis of their notes and the documents made available on the virtual university
Language English
Spanish (Español)
City Brussels
Methodology used Writting of a blog entry on a subject related to the course proposed by the student (this means there is no other sort of exam).

The subject must obviously have a legal dimension and cannot be purely political, economical, sociological, etc

The subject and structure of the blog entry must be agreed in advance by the professor and shall be submitted by the student by completing the adequate formular available on the virtual university

This preliminary step before the drafting of the entry counts for half of the mark (see below).

The best entries may after review be published on the blog of Philippe De Bruycker: http://eumigrationlawblog.eu
Homepage www.ulb.be/en/programme/droi-o616

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