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Nombre Bachelor of Arts in human rights degree
Tipo Programas universitarios
Institución organizadora
Southern Methodist University, Estados Unidos de América
Nivel ??graduate
Objetivos The Embrey Human Rights Program (EHRP) is an interdisciplinary program dedicated to providing opportunities for learning about and promoting human rights in the DFW area and in the world. The EHRP is located in Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences, and is directed by Dr. Rick Halperin, a life-long human rights activist and educator. It is overseen by an executive board made up of faculty, staff, and student members from across the University.
Áreas de especialización derechos humanos
Público objectivo Estudiantes universitarios
Contenido The human rights major will offer two interdisciplinary tracks: one on gender and human rights, the other on public policy and human rights. “I have always believed that if you appealed to the better nature in people, and then offered them opportunities to put their passion into practice, that this degree would be a natural,” Halperin says. “It is beyond my comprehension that programs like this do not exist throughout this country, but at least it now exists here.”
Idioma English
País Estados Unidos de América
Ciudad Dallas
Metodología empleada Every student majoring in human rights will be required to participate in service learning and take SMU’s spring civil rights pilgrimage across the Deep South. In addition, travel opportunities will exist within the U.S. to study issues related to immigration, indigenous peoples and the death penalty. The program’s global travel experiences also will continue.
Materiales utilizados
Procedimiento para la inscripción Contact information : http://smu.edu/humanrights/contact-info.asp
Página de Inicio smu.edu/humanrights/index.asp

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