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NameProgramme typeApplication Deadline
CAS - Droits de l'homme University programmes 
CAS Menschenrechtsbildung Training programmes 
CEDAW for Change Summer schools 
Chevening Fellowships Funding opportunities 
Chevening Scholarships Funding opportunities 
Child Participation Distance education 
Child Rights Programming Distance education 
Child Rights Public Budgeting Distance education 
Child Rights Situation Analysis Distance education 
Child Rights-Based Approaches (Advanced Course) Distance education 
Child Safeguarding Distance education 
Children in War and Armed Conflicts Distance education 
Children’s human rights - an interdisciplinary introduction Distance education 
Children’s Rights in Africa Distance education 
Children's Rights Distance education 
Core Professional Training on Humanitarian Law and Policy Training programmes 
Cours de droit international humanitaire Summer schools30/06/2021
Course for Directors and Instructors of Training Programmes in LOAC Training programmes 
Course offered by Indian Institute of Human Rights Distance education 
Course on the Law of Internal Displacement Summer schools 
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