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Welcome to OHCHR's Database on Human Rights Education and Training !

This database, which constitutes a contribution to the World Programme for Human Rights Education (2005-ongoing), aims to facilitate information-sharing on resources available worldwide for human rights education and training. Information is accessible in three United Nations languages: English, French and Spanish.

The database provides information on:
    institutions which offer human rights education and training programmes and/or produce education and training materials. They include academic institutes, research centres, non-governmental organizations as well as intergovernmental organizations working at the international, regional and national level;

    programmes which foster human rights learning, including trainings, degree programmes, short and summer courses, conferences, seminars and funding opportunities such as scholarships and fellowships;

    > human rights education and training materials which include manuals, trainers’ guides, textbooks, curricula and other pedagogical tools, reports of related conferences and seminars as well as reference materials (bibliographies and directories) and audiovisuals. The materials can be found through the OHCHR Library catalogue OHCHR Library Catalogue where they can be searched.
The database is constantly updated and we welcome your contributions on relevant items for inclusion. Click on Fill the forms and submit your institutions, programmes and materials on the left column to submit information on institutions, programmes and materials. For institutions and programmes, you may submit directly online. For materials, please fill out the form and either email, fax or mail it back to us at our address below.

We welcome your feedback on the programmes you may have participated in. On each programme entry page, you will find space for Evaluation where you can share your experience with regard to the programme. Please note that evaluations are for OHCHR’s internal use only.

Please note that the inclusion of institutions, programmes and materials in the OHCHR database does not imply that they are endorsed or recommended by OHCHR.

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